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Cartridge Filter Big One

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Cartridge Filter Big One

• Big One is a unique polypropylene housing for professional applications where high performances and reliable products are needed.
• Designed to treat high quantity of water, it’s a two-pieces compact container, that can fit 23″ and 40″ filtering elements.
• The housing is made with 3″ female In-Out threading without brass inserts, and it’s equipped with, plastic drain plug and plastic relief valve.
• Big One is provided with a stainless steel clamp that enable to open and close (easily and quickly) the housing during maintenance operations.
• Max. working pressure: 6 bar.
• Burst pressure: 20 bar.
• Max. working temperature: 40° C.
• Capacity (empty) at 2 bar: 60m³/h.
• Filtration grade: 40 micron
• 5 years warranty


CODE                                                         DESCRIPTION

A1150110                                              CARTRIDGE FILTER “BIG ONE” POLYPROPYLENE  23″

A1150120                                              CARTRIDGE FILTER “BIG ONE” POLYPROPYLENE 40″

A4088010                                              CARTRIDGE 23″ FON PL3M BIG ONE

A4088020                                              CARTRIDGE 23″ FON PL20M BIG ONE

A4088030                                              CARTRIDGE 23″ FON PL50M BIG ONE

A4088040                                              CARTRIDGE 40″ FON PL3M BIG ONE

A4088050                                              CARTRIDGE 40″ FON PL20M BIG ONE

A4088060                                              CARTRIDGE 40″ FON PL50M BIG ONE