Pool Cleaning Products

Pool Cleaning Products

We are one of the best quality swimming pool cleaning and disinfectant products manufacturers and distributors in India. Our range of pool cleaning products is designed to effectively combat unwanted odors and eliminates the foul smell from your pool water. By using our pool cleaning products, you can ensure the safety and cleanliness of your pool water, as they work diligently to eradicate hazardous pollutants and maintain a pristine swimming environment.

Check out the most recommended pool cleaning equipment from Aqua India such as self-floating hoses, pool cleaning brushes, leaf skimmers, and pool maintenance kits.

In the pool cleaning business, telescoping poles play a crucial role, allowing comprehensive coverage of the pool surface. These poles serve for skimming debris and leaves, as well as brushing and vacuuming the pool floor. Investing in high-quality telescoping poles is essential due to their frequent use and importance in the service. A pool skimmer net is another indispensable tool, coming in two types: a flat net for quick surface cleaning and a fine mesh bag for heavy-duty work. When choosing a pool skimmer net, opt for a double-mesh layer made of durable polymer blend with a sturdy frame. Various vacuum heads tailored to different pool floors enhance efficiency, with compatibility with the telescoping pole being a key consideration. Alongside the right vacuum head, a suitable vacuum hose ensures effective pool cleaning, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Here’s our full list of the our pool cleaning products. Explore Now.


To aid you in your quest for a flawless pool environment, we’ve curated a selection of highly recommended cleaning products, poised to assist you in upholding impeccable water clarity and sanitation. With this range of premium solutions at your disposal, you can fully relish your pool’s pleasures, all while ensuring the water remains in optimal condition. Explore our carefully assembled swimming pool cleaning products list and set your pool on the path to enduring brilliance. Check out the list now.


  1. Brushes
  2. Leaf Skimmer
  3. Maintenance Kit
  4. Pool Cleaner
  5. Self Floating Hose
  6. Telescopic Handles
If you have any specific queries about any of the swimming pool equipment below mentioned, talk to our experts in Whitefield Road, Bangalore for a detailed consultation. Call us at +91 – 8050023344, or email us at contact@aquaindia.in for any assistance. Let’s plunge in to the details!

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