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Aqua Ozone Equipment “Pos”

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Aqua Ozone Equipment “Pos”

The POS series are turn-key, skid-mount, air-cooled, VUV or CD type ozone/water contacting systems specifically designed for swimming pool applications.

The system incorporates complete VUV or CD type ozone generator, oil-less compressor(s), system operation & function indicating control panel, ozone injector with bypass valve, water backflow prevention device, PVC contacting vessel with degas valve, gray epoxy powder coated mild steel cabinet with stainless steel mounting base and with the main function of vacuum triggered system On/Off control & ozone safe interlock both for VUV & CD type, ORP controlled ozone output auto adjusting only for CD type.

The water boost pump, ORP controller & ozone destructor are optional. POS in VUV type produces ozone in 4g/hr, 6g/hr & 8g/hr; POS in CD type produces ozone in 10g/hr, 20g/hr, 30g/hr & 40g/hr

• Corona Discharge (CD) or Very UV (VUV) radiation
• Integrated PSA Module(s)
• Contacting Vessel Combined
• Degas & Auto Drain Valves
• Oil-less Compressor(s) Equipped
• Automatic Control
• Ozone Boost Pump Optional
• ORP Controller Optional
• Ozone Destructor Optional

• Clearer, cleaner water
• Complete sanitation
• Superior oxidation
• No harmful by-products
• No or reduce chlorine usage
• Neutral PH of water


CODE                                                  DESCRIPTION

POS-4UV                                          OZONE GENERATOR 4G/HR FOR 360M3 INDOOR POOL VOLUME AND 180M3 OUTDOOR POOL VOLUME

POS-6UV                                          OZONE GENERATOR 6G/HR FOR 540M3 INDOOR POOL VOLUME AND 270M3 OUTDOOR POOL VOLUME

POS-8UV                                          OZONE GENERATOR 8G/HR FOR 720M3 INDOOR POOL VOLUMEN AND 360M3 OUTDOOR POOL VOLUME

POS-10                                              OZONE GENERATOR 10G/HR FOR 450M3 INDOOR POOL VOLUME AND 330M3 OUTDOOR POOL VOLUME

POS-20                                              OZONE GENERATOR 20G/HR FOR 900M3 INDOOR POOL VOLUME AND 675M3 OUTDOOR POOL VOLUME

POS-30                                              OZONE GENERATOR 30G/HR FOR 1350M3 INDOOR POOL VOLUME AND 1013M3 OUTDOOR POOL VOLUME

POS-40                                              OZONE GENERATOR 40G/HR FOR 1800M3 INDOOR POOL VOLUME AND 1350M3 OUTDOOR POOL VOLUME