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Solenoid Driven Pump – Hc 151 Ph/Rx

product image
product image

Solenoid Driven Pump – Hc 151 Ph/Rx

Context of use:
•For private pools, to dose the acid/alkaline corrector with the built-in pH reading tool.

• Electromagnetic pump with built-in pH tool for a proportional dosing of acid/alkaline products, with installation kit and equipment.
• Dosing mode selectable in constant or proportional mode.
• Renforced PP housing, suitable for aggressive working enviroments;
• Input: level probe, inhibit, standby, flow sensor, injection;
• Output: alarm or dosing relay;
• Statistics;
• Password;
• Language and Unit measure selectable;
• Calibration flow-rate;
• Simplified setting by user menu;
• Alphanumeric display, 2 lines 16 characters, to simplify pump managing, during the working mode and during the programmation;
• Power supply 230 Vac. Upon request: 110V;
• IP65 protection degree;
• Wall mounting bracket supplied in installation kit;
• Manual bleed valve (priming);
• Upon request PI-mA version available.

Working mode:
• Constant flow-rate On/Off mode (flow rate in %);
• Self-calibration of measure probe;
• Proportional dosing to the selected setpoint value;
• Selectable Alarms: Level (with “reserve”, early warning), Flow (flow sensor input), Strokes (max number of strokes), OFA (Over Feed Alarm), RANGE.
• The kit contains:
– Suction/injection pipe;
– 2 pH buffer solutions to calibrate the electrode;
– Wall fixing bracket and dowels;
– Probe holder G½”;
– pH electrode;
– Foot filter and injection valve.


• No. 2004/108/CE EMC directive
• No. 2006/95/CE “DBT low voltage directive”
• No. 2011/65/UE , 2002/96/CE “RoHS and WEEE directives”

Package size: (LxHxW)
350x160x300 mm


CODE                                                  DESCRIPTION

AD96200004000                       PDE HC151-1 PH-RX 02-08/05-05/07-02 230V PP-GL-VT KIT PH 5M INCLUDED

AD96203004000                       PDE HC151-4 PH-RX 10-04/12-02/14-00 230V PP-GL-VT KIT PH 5M INCLUDED

AD96209004000                       PDE HC151-7 PH-RX 20-03/25-02/35-00 230V PP-GL-VT KIT PH 5M INCLUDED