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Abs Under Water Light

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Abs Under Water Light


• Made of top quality ABS materials with UV resistant additives.
• The fixing of the front part is with stainless steel claws for a stronger grip and longer life.
• Niche with back thread of 3/4”, with an optional marked hole for rear connection.
• Supplied with a very soft & water tight cable of 2.5 meters of length.
• Supplied with a water tight gland and a corrugated tube of 1 meter.
• Available with color options.
• With brass inserts or self-threading.
• Sandwich seals for panel pools.
• CE certified.
• IP68 protection.


CODE                                             DESCRIPTION

E-101                                               ABS UNDERWATER LIGHT ROUND CONCRETE 300W – 12V WEIGHT 2.70

E-105                                              ABS UNDERWATER LIGHT ROUND  LINER   300W – 12V WEIGHT 2.70

SSRIM03                                       STAINLESS STEEL AISI 316 V4ARIM WEIGHT0.60