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Self Priming Pump “ Lipari”

product image
product image

Self Priming Pump “ Lipari”

 Self-priming centrifugal motor pumps with in-built pre-filter.
• Pump body and pre-filter ring nut in polypropylene reinforced with glass fibres.
• Pre-filter lid in transparent PVC.
• Fibreglass reinforced noryl impeller.
• Mechanic seal in graphite/aluminium oxide/VIITON/ AISI 316.
• Pump body Oring in VITON, reinforcement screws and ring nuts in AISI 304 steel.
• Butterfly charge/discharge valves that do not require special tools to be removed/refitted.
• Motor and terminal box protection class: IP 55.
• Insulation class: F.
• Series voltage: single-phase 220/24OV – 50 Hz.
• Range of operation: up to 16 cu. m/h with prevalence up to /10m.
• Pumped fluid: clean or slightly dirty water with fl oating solid matter.
• Liquid operating temperature: up to 50” C.
• Maximum surrounding temperature: +50 “c.
• Max. operating pressure: 2.5 bar.
• Installation: fixed or portable, in horizontal position.


CODE                                                         DESCRIPTION

LIPARI 50 M                                             LIPARI PUMP  0.50HP SINGLE PHASE

LIPARI 75 M                                             LIPARI PUMP  0.75HP SINGLE PHASE

LIPARI 100 M                                          LIPARI PUMP  1HP SINGLE PHASE

LIPARI 50 T                                              LIPARI PUMP  0.50HP THREE PHASE

LIPARI 75 T                                              LIPARI PUMP  0.75HP THREE PHASE

LIPARI 100 T                                           LIPARI PUMP  1HP THREE PHASE