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Solenoid Driven Pump- Hc150

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product image

Solenoid Driven Pump- Hc150


The HC150 series solenoid driven dosing pumps is the ideal solution for small dosing of chemical products. The pumps are regulated through analogical controls, including a two-colour LED and a regulating knob. Predisposition for the level probe.

Available in 3 models:

1) HC150 Constant

(with or without level probe facility) with regulating of flow-rate 0-100% or 0-20% of the nominal flow;

2) HC150 PI:

– Constant working mode:
• with regulating of flow-rate 0-100% or 0-20% of the nominal flow.
– Proportional working mode:
• 1xN with the possibility of regulating N between 1…10;
• 1:N with the possibility of regulating N between 1…1000.

3) HC150 mA:

– Constant working mode:
• with regulating of flow-rate 0-100% or 0-20% of the nominal flow;
– Proportional working mode:
• mA signal proportional dosing mode;
• mA: the number of pulses is proportional to the current signal (4-20mA).


• n° 2004/108/CE Direttiva EMC

• n° 2006/95/CE “DBT Low Voltage Directive”

• n° 2011/65/UE , 2012/19/UE “direttive RoHs e WEEE”

• no. 2004/108/CE EMC directive

• no. 2006/95/CE “DBT Low Voltage Directive”

• no. 2011/65/UE, 2012/19/UE “RoHs and WEEE directives”




CODE                                                     DESCRIPTION               

AD95000200000                           PDE HC150 CST S/Liv.-0 1.5-05/02-03/03-01 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95001200000                           PDE HC150 CST S/Liv.-1 02-08/03-07/05-05/07-02 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95011200000                           PDE HC150 CST S/Liv.-2 07-04/08-02/10-00 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95002200000                           PDE HC150 CST S/Liv.-3 03-12/04-10/05-08 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95013200000                           PDE HC150 CST S/Liv.-4 10-04/12-02/14-00 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95014200000                           PDE HC150 CST S/Liv.-5 02-20/2,5-18/03-15 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95000000000                           PDE HC150 CST+Liv.-0 1.5-05/02-03/03-01 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95001000000                           PDE HC150 CST+Liv.-1 02-08/03-07/05-05/07-02 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95011000000                           PDE HC150 CST+Liv.-2 07-04/08-02/10-00 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95002000000                           PDE HC150 CST+Liv.-3 03-12/04-10/05-08 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95013000000                           PDE HC150 CST+Liv.-4 10-04/12-02/14-00 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95014000000                           PDE HC150 CST+Liv.-5 02-20/2,5-18/03-15 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95700000000                           PDE HC150 PI (1XN-1/N9)+Liv.-0 1.5-05/02-03/03-01 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95701000000                           PDE HC150 PI (1XN-1/N)+Liv.-1 02-08/03-07/05-05/07-02 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95711000000                           PDE HC150 PI (1XN-1/N)+Liv.-2 07-04/08-02/10-00 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95702000000                           PDE HC150 PI (1XN-1/N)+Liv.-3 03-12/04-10/05-08 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95713000000                           PDE HC150 PI (1XN-1/N)+Liv.-4 10-04/12-02/14-00 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95714000000                           PDE HC150 PI (1XN-1/N)+Liv.-5 02-20/2,5-18/03-15 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95500000000                           PDE HC150 mA+Liv.-0 1.5-05/02-03/03-01 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95501000000                           PDE HC150 mA+Liv.-1 02-08/03-07/05-05/07-02 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95511000000                           PDE HC150 mA+Liv.-2 07-04/08-02/10-00 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95502000000                           PDE HC150 mA+Liv.-3 03-12/04-10/05-08 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95513000000                           PDE HC150 mA+Liv.-4 10-04/12-02/14-00 230V PP-GL-VT

AD95514000000                           PDE HC150 mA+Liv.-5 02-20/2,5-18/03-15 230V PP-GL-VT


ADSP6000078                                PE TUBE D. 4×6 2MT

ADSP6000546                                PVC CRYSTAL TUBE D. 4×6 2MT

ADSP6000001                                FOOT VALVE PP-VL-VT 4×6

ADSP6200007                                INJECTION VALVE M1/2″ PP-VL-VT 4×6

ADSP6020221                                WALL BRACKET HC150-897-997-999-100

ADSP6000041                                ANCHORS AND SCREWS


ADSLG4                                              LEVEL PROBE SWITCH w/2 m cable + BRACKET A-SL

ADBAS100                                       FOOT BRACKET HC150-797-897-997-999-100

ADLASM10B0                               COMPLETE SUCTION LANCE WITH C-PROBE LEV.-S/BNC T-A (60/100L-H700) GLVT 4X6

ADLASM30B0                               COMPLETE SUCTION LANCE WITH C-PROBE LEV.-S/BNC T-A (2/300L-H940) GLVT 4X6

ADTANK010                                   A-TANK 1 100 LITRES

ADTANK020                                   A-TANK 2 200 LITRES

ADTANK030                                   A-TANK 3 300 LITRES

ADSP9000100                              HC150/797/897/997 PUMP HEAD 2-14 PP-GL-VT

ADSP900P000                              HC150/797/897/997 PUMP HEAD 2-14 PVDF-PTFE-VT

ADSP900S001                              PUMP HEAD 1-14 PVC-CE-VT AUTOMATIC DISCHARGE