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Aqua Overflow Straight Skimmer

product image
product image

Aqua Overflow Straight Skimmer

• ABS skimmer with exclusive flared flat mouth for to flow acceleration.
• Injected in one-block.
• Designed and built to increase the water’s level up to few centimeters away from the top of the edge.
• Supplied completely with square frame special lid with anti-removal system.
• Fittings D.50 – 63 with shutter flap overflow system D.32x25mf.
• PP Basket, floating weir system thread for pressure test, socket insert, screw in S.S 316 for mod. Liner, in additional elegant flange cover.
• Flow rate: 9.82m³/h D.50 – 15.61m³/h D.63.
• In according with legislation UNI 13451.


CODE                                                 DESCRIPTION

200200004                                    ABS AQUA OVERFLOW STRAIGHT SKIMMER CONCRETE – FLOW RATE 9.82M3/HR  D.50 – 15.61M3/HR D.63

200200003                                    ABS AQUA OVERFLOW STRAIGHT SKIMMER LINER – FLOW RATE 9.82M3/HR  D.50 – 15.61M3/HR D.63