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The filter AP-ECO has been conceived to filter domestic and industrial water. It is ideal to protect pipes and the plants connected to, from corrosion and deterioration due to the suspended particles such as sand and rust, etc. The filter is manufactured with brass head, SAN sump and a cartridge made of Arnite and a filtering polyester washable net. A simple and easy action on the tap connected at the bottom of the sump activates the flushing of the cartridge. HT version is suitable for the filtration of water with high temperature (up to 80 °C) it is equipped with a Trogamid sump and a stainless steel cartridge. The AP-ECO head has threaded female connections and a relief valve very useful during the filling and the maintenance phases.

Technical Features:

Head: Brass
Sump: SAN/Trogamid transparent
O-ring: NBR/Viton
Cartridge: RLA ECO/AC ECO HT
Micron: 89
Max Working pressure: 16 bar max
Min Working Pressure: 1.5 bar max
Burst Pressure: 64 bar max
Min Working Temperature: 5°C
Max Working Temperature: 40°C-80°C
Life test: 200,000 cycles from 0-10 bar



CODE                                                     DESCRIPTION

A8000310                                           FILTER AP ECO 1/2″ F

A8000300                                           FILTER AP ECO 3/4″ F

A8000330                                           FILTER AP ECO HT 1/2″ F

A8000320                                           FILTER AP ECO HT 3/4″ F


A800C030                                         89 MIC RLA AP STD/ECO CARTRIDGE

A800C040                                         89 MIC AC AP STD/ECO HT CARTRIDGE

AB060080                                         MANOMETER MG 1/8″