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Simple and easy protection filter to remove suspended particles, sand and metal particles.

Manufactured with polypropylene head equipped with brass Inlet-Outlet inserts, transparent SAN bowl, brass drain valve. The filter is supplied complete with nylon filtering element. Easy and quick cartridge washing operation. Available in different sizes, it’s the ideal for point-of-entry domestic installations.

Technical Features:

Head: PP with brass insert
Sump: Transparent SAN
O-ring: NBR
Cartridge: RLA-AP
Micron: 80
Max Working pressure: 8 bar max
Min Working Pressure: 1.5 bar max
Burst Pressure: 32 bar max
Min Working Temperature: 5°C
Max Working Temperature: 40°C
Life test: 200,000 cycles from 0-10 bar


CODE                                                     DESCRIPTION

A8000500                                          FILTER AP EASY 1/2″ F

A8000510                                          FILTER AP EASY 3/4″ F

A8000520                                          FILTER AP EASY 1″ F

A8000530                                          FILTER AP EASY 1″1/4

A8000540                                          FILTER AP EASY 1″1/2


A4030030                                         CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 RLA 80MIC 3/4

A4030070                                         CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 RLA 80MIC 1″1/4-1″1/2

A6010010                                         PLASTIC BOWL KEY FOR AP EASY

A6010930                                         SINGLE PLASTIC BRACKET FP2-FP3 HOUSING

A6010035                                         KIT N° 4 SCREWS + WASHERS FOR BRACKET

A6012900                                         CARTRIDGE SUPPORT

AB060080                                         MANOMETER MG 1/8″