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The washable Net Cartridges are called surface cartridges and have a non-deforming structure. The inside core is manufactured using Talc Filled Polypropylene and a nylon net is welded. The homogenous Net has physical and mechanical characteristics. The square mesh allows a uniform flow along all the surface of the cartridge itself thus minimizes the possibility of clogging. Manufactured using monofilament fibres that enable uniform openings It also allows an accurate capacity of filtration while avoiding pressure drop.

Also thanks to Its smooth surface it is very easy to wash and non shedding. The washable net cartridges give a nominal filtration with efficiency of 80%. When properly utilized, they can be used over and over again maintaining a constant efficiency. The available lengths range from 5” to 20” and the microns range from a minimum of 80 micron upwards. All in compliance to EC regulations.


– Water treatment;
– General Industry;
– Agricultural;
– Domestic applications;
– Water pumps.

Technical Features:

The washable net cartridge is ideal for:
– Suspended Solids;
– Sand;
– Slime;
– Rust.


CODE                                                     DESCRIPTION

A4030100                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ RLA 80MIC 3/4

A4030010                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ RLA 250MIC 3/4

A4030020                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ RLA 80MIC 3/4

A4030110                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ RLA 250MIC 3/4

A4030030                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 RLA 80MIC 3/4

A4030120                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 RLA 250MIC 3/4

A4030040                                           CARTRIDGE 20″ RLA 80MIC 3/4

A4030130                                           CARTRIDGE 20″ RLA 250MIC 3/4

A4030050                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ RLA 250MIC 1 1/4-1″1/2

A4030140                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ RLA 430MIC 1 1/4-1″1/2

A4030060                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ RLA 80MIC 1 1/4-1″1/2

A4030150                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ RLA 250MIC 1 1/4-1″1/2

A4030160                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ RLA 430MIC 1 1/4-1″1/2

A4030070                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 RLA 80MIC 1 1/4-1″1/2

A4030170                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 RLA 250MIC 1 1/4-1 1/2

A4030180                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 RLA 430MIC 1 1/4-1 1/2

A4030080                                           CARTRIDGE 20″ RLA 80MIC 1 1/4-1″1/2

A4030190                                           CARTRIDGE 20″ RLA 250MIC 1 1/4-1″1/2

A4030200                                           CARTRIDGE 20″ RLA 430MIC 1 1/4-1″1/2

A4040010                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 RL 80MIC

A803R030                                           CARTRIDGE RLA AQUA-MINI

A803R040                                           CARTRIDGE RLA AQUA-MICRO

A803R020                                           CARTRIDGE RLA AQUA-NET

A4030090                                           CARTRIDGE KID 5″ RLA 80MIC

A4030230                                           CARTRIDGE KID 9″3/4 RLA 80MIC

A4030240                                           CARTRIDGE KID 9″3/4 RLA 250MIC

A4030510                                           CARTRIDGE BIG 9″3/4 RLA 80MIC

A4030520                                           CARTRIDGE BIG 9″3/4 RLA 250MIC

A4030530                                           CARTRIDGE BIG 20″ RLA 80MIC

A4030540                                           CARTRIDGE BIG 20″ RLA 250MIC

A4030550                                           CARTRIDGE BIG 30″ RLA 80MIC

A4030560                                           CARTRIDGE BIG 30″ RLA 250MIC