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Pleated cartridges represent a valid filtering solution for diverse applications. Certified raw materials are used and have particular technical

characteristics that give the cartridge reliability and resistance. An important factor of quality is the mechanical resistance. In both cases of Polyester cartridges, the resistance is given by using 100% pure endless fibres. After pleating, which takes into account fixed parameters (pleats dimensions and quantity) that guarantee maximum efficiency, the element is mounted around a polypropylene rigid core thus assuring stability. It is then all placed inside a polypropylene cage which both ends are closed by end caps. The pleated cartridge allows a vast filtering surface while the PP cage has symmetric slots along all the surface of the cage itself therefore allowing the water to flow equally along all the sides of the cartridge and avoiding the water penetrating just one specific area.

This results in a longer life and major efficiency. The Polyester cartridges can be reused over and over again without loss of efficiency. It is obvious though that the life of these cartridges depend on the working conditions. Even though the maintenance is frequent, It is recommended not to use such cartridges under extreme conditions. Due to the fact that bacteria will undoubtedly grow and nest within the fibre, simply washing a cartridge does not mean it will last forever. Therefore as all washable cartridges, it is recommended to frequently change them in order to guarantee a safe filtration.

Thanks to its compatibility with a vast numbers of chemicals, polyester can be used also in specific applications where other
materials are not compatible with reagents and/or chemical solvents.
Regarding the applications of Polyester cartridges, these are particularly adequate for use in potable water because the raw materials used are compatible.


– Water treatment;
– Electronic/Nuclear;
– Biotechnology/Fine chemicals;
– Food/Beverage;
– Coatings/Resins;
– General Industrial;
– Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics;
– Bulk chemicals/Petrochemicals.


CODE                                                     DESCRIPTION

A4080230                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 9″3/4 PL3MIC

A4080140                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 9″3/4 PL20MIC

A4080150                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 9″3/4 PL50MIC

A4080240                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 20″ PL3MIC

A4080160                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 20″ PL20MIC

A4080170                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 20″ PL50MIC

A4080180                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 9″3/4 PL20M AQUA BIG

A4080190                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 9″3/4 PL50M AQUA BIG

A4080200                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 20″ PL20M AQUA BIG

A4080210                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 20″ PL50M AQUA BIG

A4080570                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 30″ PL20M D.38 AQUA BIG

A4080580                                           CARTRIDGE AQUA PRO 30″ PL50M D.38 AQUA BIG