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AQUA offers various polyphosphate cartridges that defer in sizes and with defined characteristics.

Polyphosphate salts are anti-scaling chemical agents. Therefore ideal for use with hard calcareous water, and where eliminating of scale and corrosion is required.

A polyphosphate cartridge consists of a plastic canister filled with crystal salts of different mesh. The canisters can vary in size. Once the polyphosphate salt has dissolved a chemical reaction takes place withholding the suspended particles. This prevents scaling and depositing of the particles along pipelines or inside mechanical components, avoiding inefficiency.

To be efficient, all polyphosphate cartridge require a determined time of water contact. However, thanks to its fast dissolving effect this period is relatively short.

Polyphosphate cartridges have a low pressure drop. Usually they are used in industrial applications. Standard regulations require that only minimal dosage is allowed when applied to drinking water. Therefore, in these cases, it is necessary to have an accurate and controlled dosage guaranteed by a dosing pump (see our Dosing Systems Product Guide).

It is important to fully understand the use of such cartridges so as to determine the correct application. For applications and maintenance, please refer to the data sheet indicated for each model.


– Heater;
– Home appliances;
– Washing machine;
– etc.


CODE                                                     DESCRIPTION

A4100010                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ RLA-CP 80MIC

A4100020                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ RLA-CP 80MIC

A4100030                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 RLA-CP 80MIC

A4130010                                           CARTRIDGE POLYPHOSPHATE 5″ CP

A4130020                                           CARTRIDGE POLYPHOSPHATE 7″ CP

A4130030                                           CARTRIDGE POLYPHOSPHATE 9″3/4 CP

A4130040                                           CARTRIDGE POLYPHOSPHATE 20″ CP

A4130050                                           CARTRIDGE POLYPHOSPHATE 5″ CP-BLUE

A4130060                                           CARTRIDGE POLYPHOSPHATE 7″ CP-BLUE

A4130070                                           CARTRIDGE POLIPH. 9″3/4 CP-BLUE

A4130080                                           CARTRIDGE POLIPH. 20″ CP-BLUE

A4130110                                           CARTRIDGE POLYPHOSPHATE 9″3/4 CP-KID