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Our depth cartridges FR-N Series are designed to obtain a high efficiency and filtration of various liquids having impurity. Using only 100% pure polypropylene they are manufactured through state of the art technology. They are generally used in applications that require extremely high quality filtration. During the manufacturing process, the polypropylene is mixed with compressed hot air. Then it is stratified on a rigid polypropylene core through a continues and constant rotating movement. This process infuses and intersects the polypropylene fibres amongst themselves. This creates the so called “Depth Cartridge” guaranteeing a uniform filtration along all the surface of the cartridge. The Polypropylene fibres used are always and only of first choice which processed at high temperatures welds them together eliminating any possibility of losing particles or residuals. The range vary from 1 to 90 micron and standard lengths are 9”3/4 to 40”. The cartridges are made up as one whole piece no matter what length. The FR-N Cartridges are fully tested to achieve at least 95% filtration efficiency. This means that a 10 micron FR-N Cartridge will filter 95% of particles having a diameter of 10 micron or more. The extraordinary filtration capability of the FR-N cartridges is obtained thanks to its wide filtering surface and compactness which is distributed along all the surface of the cartridge itself. The cartridges need the be changed when a loss in pressure drop is detected or in any case when the specific filtering application requires it.


The FR-N cartridges can be used as end-line filtration or as prefiltration.

Water treatment – Electronic/Nuclear – Biotechnology/Fine chemicals – Food/Beverage – Coatings/Resins – General Industrial -Pharmaceutical/ Cosmetics – Bulk chemicals/Petrochemicals – Galvanic.

Technical Features:

– High depth filtration;
– Constant filtration on all surface;
– High yield;
– High resistance to compression thanks to inner core;
– High stability;
– Lower pressure drop;
– No residual or particle loss.


CODE                                                     DESCRIPTION

A4240090                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 5″ FR1n

A4240100                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 5″ FR3n

A4240110                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 5″ FR5n

A4240120                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 5″ FR10n

A4240130                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 5″ FR20n

A4240140                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 5″ FR30n

A4240150                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 5″ FR50n

A4240160                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 5″ FR90n

A4240250                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 9″3/4 FR1n

A4240260                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 9″3/4 FR3n

A4240270                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 9″3/4 FR5n

A4240280                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 9″3/4 FR10n

A4240290                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 9″3/4 FR20n

A4240300                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 9″3/4 FR30n

A4240310                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 9″3/4 FR50n

A4240320                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 9″3/4 FR90n

A4240330                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 10″ FR1n

A4240340                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 10″ FR3n

A4240350                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 10″ FR5n

A4240360                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 10″ FR10n

A4240370                                        CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 10″ FR20n

A4240380                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 10″ FR30n

A4240390                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 10″ FR50n

A4240400                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 10″ FR90n

A4240410                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 20″ FR1n

A4240420                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 20″ FR3n

A4240430                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 20″ FR5n

A4240440                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 20″ FR10n

A4240450                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 20″ FR20n

A4240460                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 20″ FR30n

A4240470                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 20″ FR50n

A4240480                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 20″ FR90n

A4240490                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 30″ FR1n

A4240500                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 30″ FR3n

A4240510                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 30″ FR5n

A4240520                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 30″ FR10n

A4240530                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 30″ FR20n

A4240540                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 30″ FR30n

A4240550                                      CART.PP MELT-BLOWN 3