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Our FR-E series, is a break through in technology granting an interesting option to our consolidated and outstanding FR-N series. Because of our melt-blown fabrication and procedure, these FR-E series grant a true compromise for those applications that require a just Price/Quality performance ratio. During the manufacturing phase, and without the essence of the internal core, these cartridges grant a perfect and compact resistance of filtration. Thanks to the method of fabrication and experience gained with our exceptional FRN series, these series offer a mere absence of particle media loss. Vast chemical compatibility because made only with 100% pure polypropylene, insuring nearly infinite applications Laboratory tests show that these series are guaranteed to give at least 80% efficiency of stated particle size confirming its perfect price/quality ratio.


The FR-E cartridges can be used as end-line filtration or as prefiltration.

Water treatment – Electronic/Nuclear – Biotechnology/Fine chemicals
– Food/Beverage – Coatings/Resins – GeneralIndustrial – Pharmaceutical/
Cosmetics – Bulk chemicals/Petrochemicals – Galvanic.

Technical Features:

– High depth filtration;
– Constant filtration on all surface;
– High yield;
– High stability;
– Lower pressure drop;
– No residual or particle loss.


CODE                                                     DESCRIPTION

A4260270P                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN – SEC – 9″3/4 FR5nE D62 WITH LABEL

A4260290P                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN – SEC – 9″3/4 FR20nE D62 WITH LABEL

A4260430P                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN – SEC – 20″ FR5nE D62 WITH LABEL

A4260450P                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN – SEC – 20″ FR20nE D62 WITH LABEL

A426051P                                          CART.PP MELT-BLOWN – SEC – 30″ FR5nE D62 WITH LABEL

A4260530P                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN – SEC – 30″ FR20nE D62 WITH LABEL

A4260590P                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN – SEC – 40″ FR5nE D62 WITH LABEL

A4260610P                                       CART.PP MELT-BLOWN – SEC – 40″ FR20nE D62 WITH LABEL

A4350120                                          CART. 9″ 3/4 FRE AB 5mic

A4350140                                          CART. 9″ 3/4 FRE AB 20mic

A4350200                                          CART. 20″ FRE AB 5mic

A4350220                                          CART. 20″ FRE AB 20mic