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Our Polypropylene wound cartridges are part of the depth and deforming cartridge series. They are manufactured using only 100% pure non-toxic polypropylene yarn. This series offers an excellent ratio between cost/quality, even though usually referred to as “economic-type” they are manufactured so as to guarantee a high nominal filtration level.
WOUND CARTRIDGE OPEN-END WASH – OIL RESIDUAL 0,2% This yarn is manufactured using machinery that allows a shorter production period and therefore a more economically priced product. The raw material used for this product is exactly the same as the Wash Carded type. The only difference is that it is not carded after the process of extrusion & twist but simple manufactured around a BCF (by extrusion spun yarn) making it compact and uniform. Although less compact than the carded one, it still yields a satisfying filtration performance at lower costs. Amongst the inconveniences of this cartridge is that at the beginning of use it creates a small amount of foam that after a short period will disappear. Even if the foam is non-toxic, in certain applications it could cause minor problems to the post-filtration unit. Therefore it is important to know where such cartridge will be applied to avoid any inconvenience. The inside core of the filter is rigid and in Polypropylene which guarantees stability. The lengths range from 4” to 40” and the micron range from 1 to 100.


Water treatment, Electronic/Nuclear, Biotechnology/Fine chemicals, Food/Beverage, Coatings/Resins, General Industrial, Bulk chemicals/Petrochemicals, Galvanic.

Technical Features:

The FA cartridges can be used as end-line filtration or as prefiltration, to remove sand, lime and rust.


CODE                                                     DESCRIPTION

A4010090                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ FA 1MIC

A4010110                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ FA 5MIC

A4010120                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ FA 10MIC

A4010130                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ FA 20MIC

A4010140                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ FA 30MIC

A4010150                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ FA 50MIC

A4010160                                           CARTRIDGE 5″ FA 100MIC

A4010170                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ FA 1MIC

A4010190                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ FA 5MIC

A4010200                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ FA 10MIC

A4010210                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ FA 20MIC

A4010220                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ FA 30MIC

A4010230                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ FA 50MIC

A4010240                                           CARTRIDGE 7″ FA 100MIC

A4010250                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 FA 1MIC

A4010270                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 FA 5MIC

A4010280                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 FA 10MIC

A4010290                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 FA 20MIC

A4010300                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 FA 30MIC

A4010310                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 FA 50MIC

A4010320                                           CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 FA 100MIC

A4010330                                           CARTRIDGE 10″ FA 1MIC

A4010350                                           CARTRIDGE 10″ FA 5MIC

A4010360                                           CARTRIDGE 10″ FA 10MIC

A4010370                                           CARTRIDGE 10″ FA 20MIC

A4010380                                          CARTRIDGE 10″ FA 30MIC

A4010390                                          CARTRIDGE 10″ FA 50MIC

A4010400                                          CARTRIDGE 10″ FA 100MIC

A4010410                                          CARTRIDGE 20″ FA 1MIC

A4010430                                          CARTRIDGE 20″ FA 5MIC

A4010440                                          CARTRIDGE 20″ FA 10MIC

A4010450                                          CARTRIDGE 20″ FA 20MIC

A4010460                                          CARTRIDGE 20″ FA 30MIC

A4010470                                          CARTRIDGE 20″ FA 50MIC

A4010480                                          CARTRIDGE 20″ FA 100MIC

A4010490                                          CARTRIDGE 30″ FA 1MIC

A4010510                                          CARTRIDGE 30″ FA 5MIC

A4010520                                          CARTRIDGE 30″ FA 10MIC

A4010530                                          CARTRIDGE 30″ FA 20MIC

A4010540                                          CARTRIDGE 30″ FA 30MIC

A4010550     &