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These Cartridges act by means of a physicochemical property of the active carbon (adsorption) and in some cases associated with the filtration action of various filtering materials. AQUA uses various active granulated carbon, suggesting the most appropriate types according to the conditions and diverse needs of filtering required. Our active granulated carbon extracted from vegetable coco fruit has characteristics that are very suitable for treating water in general.

These active carbon cartridges have the following specifications :
• Insignificant presence of Carbon Powder Residuals. VERY HIGH SURFACE FILTRATION AREA (up to 1500m2/g)
• High Adsorption;
• Insignificant presence of ash, less impurity. The general characteristics in understanding what makes a very efficient carbon cartridge are the following:

– Pre-Filtration
Treatment of water beforehand, through a pre-filtration action which permits a first treatment of the water itself allowing a longer life to the cartridge;

– Absorption performance of the carbon It is determined by the quality and quantity of carbon used. Also the contact time has a very important impact on the final result. In fact the longer the water remains in contact with the carbon (flow rate) the stronger the carbon adsorption effect will be, thus purifying the water;

– Post-Filtration
Treatment of water after hand, through a post-filtration action which permits a further treatment of the water itself and eliminating any suspended carbon residuals. Having all three the above elements will no doubt reduce the flow rate. This means a better performance of the process because it optimises the active carbon action. Active carbon will in the end saturate and the life time depends on how the cartridge is being used. We highly recommend following the instructions on our data sheet relevant to each type of carbon cartridge. Thanks to the exceptional quality of our Melt Blown Pre & Post filtration, our GAC active carbon cartridges guarantee a perfect and superior quality cartridge. These pre & post filters not only will withhold all suspended particles and carbon fines but also will regulate the water flow thus assuring a perfect removal of chlorine. Laboratory tests confirm the excellent quality of our GAC Cartridge.


– Water treatment;
– Food/Beverage.


CODE                                                     DESCRIPTION

A4120010                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON 5″ CA P20

A4120020                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON 7″ CA P20

A4120030                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON 9″3/4 CA P20

A4120040                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON 20″ CA P20

A4120050                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON 5″ CA BLUE P20

A4120060                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON 7″ CA BLUE P20

A4120070                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON 9″3/4 CA BLUE P20

A4120080                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON 20″ CA BLUE P20

A4120700                                          CARTRIDGE CA-KID 9″3/4 TRANSPARENT

A4120560                                          CARTRIDGE CARB.9″3/4 GAC PP40 (GAC-CC-40M)

A4120570                                          CARTRIDGE CARB.20″ GAC PP40 (GAC-CC-40M)

A4120710                                          CARTRIDGE CA-KID 9″3/4 WHITE

A4120620                                          CARTRIDGE CARB.9″3/4 GAC PP40 (GAC-CC-40M) AQUA BIG

A4120630                                          CARTRIDGE CARB.20″ GAC PP40 (GAC-CC-40M) AQUA BIG

A4120660                                          CARTRIDGE CARB.30″ GAC PP40 (GAC-CC-40M) AQUA BIG

A4220050                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON BLOCK 9″3/4 MOD. CTO-E

A4220070                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON BLOCK 20″ MOD. CTO-E-MM508

A4220110                                          CARTRIDGE CARBON BLOCK MODEL CTO-E AQUA BIG 9″3/4 10MIC

A4220120                                          CARTUCCIA CARBON BLOCK MODEL CTO-E AQUA BIG 20″ 10MIC

A4090010                                          CARTRIDGE 5″ RLA-CA 80MIC

A4090020                                          CARTRIDGE 7″ RLA-CA 80MIC

A4090030                                          CARTRIDGE 9″3/4 RLA-CA 80MIC

A4210020                                          CARTRIDGE CARB/PP 5″ FA-CA

A4210030                                          CARTRIDGE CARB/PP 7″ FA-CA

A4210040                                          CARTRIDGE CARB/PP 9″3/4 FA-CA

A4210050                                          CARTRIDGE CARB/PP 10″ FA-CA

A4210060                                          CARTRIDGE CARB/PP 20″ FA-CA

A4210530                                          CARTRIDGE CARB/MELT BLOWN 5″ FRN-CA 5M

A4210540                                          CARTRIDGE CARB/MELT BLOWN 9″3/4 FRN-CA 5M

A4210550                                          CARTRIDGE CARB/MELT BLOWN 20″ FRN-CA 5M

A4210510                                          CARTRIDGE CARB/MELT BLOWN 5″ FRN-CA 20M

A4210500                                          CARTUCCIA CARB/MELT BLOWN 9″3/4 FRN-CA 20M

A4210520                                          CARTRIDGE CARB/MELT BLOWN 20″ FRN-CA 20M

A4210600                                          CARTRIDGE FR-N CA PLUS 9″3/4 5MIC+CARBON