Dosing Systems

Dosing Systems

What is chemical dosing system?

Chemical dosing system is a complete set of equipment with dosing, mixing, transporting liquid and automatic control. It is also called chemical feed system or dosing machine.

It is used for raw water of power plant, boiler feed water, oil field ground gathering and transportation dehydration treatment system, petrochemical dosing system and wastewater treatment system.

Our chemical feed systems are pre-engineered solutions that can be used effectively in many different industries and municipal water treatment processes. These are high performance sodium hypochlorite dosing systems – for example when used to disinfect drinking water or as part of a chemical scrubber system. Compact and lightweight pre-packaged skids, corrosion resistance, flexibility of metering pump options and ease of maintenance are some of the advantages of our advanced chemical feed systems. Water treatment applications include disinfection (peroxyacetic acid – PAA injection), fluoride treatment, sodium bisulfite dosing, sulfuric acid dosing, sodium hypochlorite systems, dispersant polymer dosing, sodium hydroxide feeding, potassium permanganate dosing, coagulation and flocculation, hydrochloric acid dosing, alum feeding, pH neutralization and scale inhibitor addition.

How does the chemical dosing system work?

Chemical dosing system is designed to automatically inject chemicals into the chemical feed tank for wastewater treatment. During the dosing process, chemicals are added to the water stream at precisely controlled rates by chemical metering pumps.

Difference between different chemical dosing systems

Different chemical dosing systems use different reagents. Each of these reagents works in a different way. The common denominator is that they all condition the effluent to prevent the biological or chemical formation of odorous emissions.

Which reagent and system to use depends on your water treatment network.

Our chemical feed systems are available in all types of configurations with the widest range of pump options, piping arrangements and materials. In addition, our technical expertise in engineered system design integrated with turnkey modules for environmental enclosures, and IoT transfer modules can help you develop fully transportable, easy-to-install, easy-to-control, all-in-one solutions for your chemical metering applications.

According to the different delivery scenarios and purposes, it can be divided into the following two categories:

Acid Alkali pH Chlorine Dosing System

The system combines PE tank, metering pump, mixer and automatic control system into one. The metering pump and mixer are set on the PE tank, and the outlet of the metering pump is connected to the dosing pipe and inlet pipe. This metering pump is controlled by the automatic control system, which automatically controls and checks the dosing speed and dosing quantity. When adding chemicals to the wastewater treatment plant, the mixer mixes the chemicals with water and the metering pump sends the chemicals into the wastewater inlet pipe under the control of the automatic control system. The mixed chemical wastewater flows into the subsequent units.

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